The World of Plastic Surgery: An Update

I get emails all the time with feedback from patients far and near that give me great insight into what is going on “out there” in the plastic surgery world.

A patient recently told the story of her breast enhancement and how she was experiencing a multitude of problems with the results. When she went back to her surgeon she was “assured that it was fine.” She told me, “After reading your website, I now know I’m not crazy”.

As popular as a breast enhancement is, it’s not uncommon to have some “issues” with your breasts. Most of the time they are minor and just “irritants” from an otherwise gratifying result. Sometimes, however, the problems are a bit more advanced and unacceptable according to my standards. What I have learned from doing hundreds of breast enhancements, and with my extensive experience in secondary breast work (fixing and dealing with problems from previous breast work), I have learned quite a bit about this relatively “simple” but tricky procedure.

Some problem issues with breast enhancement are predictable based on what was performed by your surgeon. If you want to essentially “sell” the procedure, you offer the patient whatever it is that they want. You want them big—no problem. Don’t want to go below the muscle—we will put it on top. Don’t want a lift—don’t get one. Don’t want to wear a support bra afterwards—burn your bras.

The problem is that all patients are different in terms of their anatomy. The plan for your enhancement is very much dependent on several factors that help me determine what will work best for you, both in the short and long term. Educating a patient about all the issues involved will help open your eyes to what YOU need to understand so you enjoy a long lasting enhancement.

If you are experiencing some issues with your breast enhancement and you want to know if you are crazy or not, contact us.

breast augmentation procedure at Westlake Plastic Surgery performed by Dr. Robert Caridi and his staffWatch

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