Permanent Make-Up

Dr. Diane Keeler-Boysen, Westlake Plastic Surgery’s board certified anesthesiologist, provides safe and comfortable Permanent Makeup services. That’s right, your permanent makeup is performed by your very own physician! Don’t settle for non-professionals who can put your results or health in jeopardy. “Permanent Cosmetics” or “Permanent Makeup” is a state-of-the-art form of cosmetic tattooing. This technique is used to implant color into the dermal layer of the skin to enhance your own natural beauty. The most common request is for eye liner, lip liner, or full lip color. Eyebrows are popular area for permanent make-up. Always look your best–24/7! These pigments are different from traditional tattoo ink. They do not contain artificial additives and they do not migrate or change color after implantation. Occasionally, more than one application is required due to the translucency of the pigments and the individual healing response. Some medications and skin care products can affect the final result. Most patients enjoy a “touch-up” at least every 3 years to maintain the original color vibrancy. The application of the permanent make-up is done in our very own fully accredited operating room to ensure your comfort and a sterile environment.  Topical and injectable anesthesia is used for a pain free experience. A sterile, disposable single-use system is used for every individual. Permanent make-up is a great way to look your best at all times, even after swimming or exercising! It’s great for those with poor vision or allergies to conventional make-up. However, conventional make-up can also be added for a more dramatic look on special occasions.

Permanent Makeup Pricing

Permanent Makeup ConsultationNo Charge
Eyebrow (1st Treatment)$450
Eye Liner (1st Treatment)
Upper and Lower
Upper or Lower
Lip Liner (1st Treatment)$450
Full Lip (1st Treatment)$600
Lip Liner and Full Lip (1st Treatment)Choice of 2 Colors$800
First Touch Up$150
Second Touch Up$150
Additional Touch Ups½ 1st Treatment Price