We Provide Serious Plastic Surgery – No Monkey Business

gorilla doctor
I am very proud of my plastic surgery practice. My aim from the get-go was to be the best surgeon possible and to provide my patients with the very best plastic surgery to be found anywhere. Without a doubt, times have changed since I was trained years ago, but I have also changed with the times in ways that are good for my patients and my reputation.

To give you a few examples:

  1. I don’t sell to patients. I educate them.
  2. I don’t offer my patients “hocus pocus” plastic surgery that is ineffective but sounds good.
  3. I don’t offer anything to my patients that I wouldn’t recommend to my own family.
  4. I don’t tell patients what they want to hear. I tell them the truth and the facts as I know them.
  5. I don’t cut corners to reduce my costs and compromise patient safety.
  6. I have my own anesthesiologist and an experienced office staff because plastic surgery is teamwork, and having the best team results in the best, safest outcomes.
  7. I don’t end up operating on 40 percent of the patients I see in consultation. Some patients are not good candidates for plastic surgery, and I tell them why
  8. No one is pressured to “sign up” for surgery. After you consult with me, you return home and think about it. (That’s why I wouldn’t make it as a car salesman.)
  9. I’ve always believed that if you are interested in plastic surgery, you probably want to visit with the actual plastic surgeon. I personally visit with my potential patients—all of them.
  10. In over 25 years of practice, I’m proudest of my safety record. There is no room for error in this business.

Well, there you have it—straightforward and no monkey business. I hope you consider my practice and passion—Westlake Plastic Surgery.