New Breast Lift With Implants That Shapes The Ideal Breast

There hasn’t been much innovation in the world of breast enhancement until now. For those who are considering a breast lift with implants, the BAR procedure or Breast Augmentation and Reduction clearly has been a game changer. This is the name of the procedure that I have created and refined over the past 15 years with much success, essentially a new breast lift with implants that shapes the ideal breast.

Women who seek a breast implant and breast lift often complain of low breasts that are saggy. For many, their breasts used to be very nice until kids came along, or they may have fallen with age. No matter what caused the problem, they all notice that their upper chest has become longer, their breasts now sit considerably lower, and the nipple-areola complexes no longer look forward. The overall appearance is that of a matronly womaNew Breast Lift with Breast Implants that Shapes the Ideal Breastn.

A classic breast lift with implant is done by placing an implant beneath the breast and tightening the skin of the breast. The problem here is that the tissue that sags will not stay put and will begin to fall after a few months, resulting in the same problem or worse because your breasts are now bigger. This can make you appear even more matronly and heavier than before!

The Breast Augmentation and Reduction procedure is different because saggy breast tissue is removed. We would all agree that what isn’t there can’t sag again. If you are one who passes the “pencil test,” this is the ideal procedure for you.

I am a bona fide pioneer of this cutting edge procedure and have been working on perfecting it on over 500 cases. It has proven to be safe, reliable, consistent and well-received by my patients. It is a fixture of my practice and I enjoy sharing my expertise with folks from all over the world. If you think you are ready for the newest breast revolution, consider a BAR procedure at Westlake Plastic Surgery.

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