Neck Lift

Before And After Photos

This is a patient who desired improvements in his neck contour. Considering that he is over age 60 and with significant skin laxity, we elected for a full neck lift procedure. This is an incision under the chin as well as around the back of the ear and in the hairline behind the ears.

He has done very well with a nice, natural improvement in his neck. What’s really nice is how this area of limited improvement made a huge difference in his overall appearance. He is a handsome man for sure.

Deciding what to do with patients’ necks is very much artwork and good judgment. Less can be more, but more can be more. Better skin means less. Looser skin in older folks means you have to do more to get the best result or simply settle for less. Alternatives range from simple liposuction to an anterior neck lift to a full neck lift. Many times it is important to work on the face as well so the result is natural and satisfying to the patient.