Neck Lift

Before And After Photos

This patient presented to me for a chin enhancement. He is quite weak in his chin with a lack of projection. The height of the chis is good but the projection is poor. In fact, it is so behind the ideal that we discussed that he could always entertain jaw advancement procedures (breaking and moving the mandible).

What I suggested is that he consider the largest chin implant possible and accept this outcome without the significant risk of jaw surgery. He is seen here after the largest silicone implant made was inserted through a small incision under the chin. I also did some liposuction under the chin as this gives the area more definition.

The result is best appreciated on the oblique and lateral views. He has a better anatomic relationship now. He is very happy with his early result. He changed his hairstyle and grew a beard to make the transition smoother for him. His face is in an improved balance.