Mommy Makeover – Trendy In Austin, Texas

“I gave my body to my babies and now I want it back!” This was a wonderfully salient comment in a recent email inquiring about the procedure called mommy makeover, trendy in Austin and elsewhere.

Austin, Texas is a young town. It’s one of the most coveted cities in the country for millennials who consider the city to be hipster. These young folks generally don’t need face lifts and other procedures designed to manage signs of aging.

Mommy Makeover Trendy In Austin

In keeping with the youth of Austin, it’s no surprise that breast enhancements, body contouring and tummy tucks are quite popular among younger patients who have kids. As wonderful as childbearing is, the typical consequences of this process include the deflation of the breasts, the distribution of fat where it hadn’t been before, and the stretching of the abdominal skin and underlying support fascia.

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This is where mommy makeovers come in handy and are getting trendy. The three main procedures often performed are liposuction for fatty accumulations, a tummy tuck or abdominoplasty for the abdomen, and some sort of breast enhancement with or without a breast implant. The primary goal is to get your pre pregnancy body back, but in many cases I’m able to achieve a result that is even better. Now that’s patient satisfaction.

These procedures can often be combined because the patient population is generally young and healthy. The benefits to combining procedures include the efficiency of taking care of all issues at one time as well as minimizing both the cost and recovery time.

The psychological benefits of a mommy makeover make the procedures truly rewarding. When you look great, and the physical wear and tear from childbirth is eliminated, it’s a great time to live life to the fullest. We have all seen those moms who look very impressive, even with kids in tow, leaving you wondering how they are able to look so amazing. You can say they had a little help. Better yet, plastic surgery has become so refined that you may not even be able to recognize know they had surgery because you don’t see the weirdness of poor work.

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You may be wondering when the best time is to consider a mommy makeover. Should you wait until you are done with having kids or is it possible to have procedures and continue the family expansion? This is often a decision you, your partner, and your plastic surgeon need to make together. In most cases it’s best to wait until the family is finished. Depending on your circumstances, you may want to consider liposuction and a breast enhancement first, and wait until after your final child to have an abdominoplasty.

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For some patients, recovery time may be an issue to thoroughly consider. You may already have a busy household with several kids running around and may find limited help now that mom needs the attention. This is a situation in which grandparents and friends may need to pitch in for mom’s benefit. After all, you did all the work and deserve to recover in peace.

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