Do You Want Your OLD Body Back?

Do you want your old body back? Mommy makeover is the answer.

Growing old is not for the faint of heart. Take it from someone who is knee deep in the business of keeping folks looking fun and young: the aging process is inevitable. Nobody wants an old body, unless of course you are referring to the “old” body before kids.

The term “motherhood makeover” or “mommy makeover” exists because the process of having kids wears down the female body like no other process, except maybe extreme weight changes. Hormone imbalance, lack of sleep, stress, and other daily insults don’t compare to the impact of pregnancy.

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Breasts swell tremendously, the abdomen expands month over month, and fat seems to accumulate in spots it never did before. Certainly there must be good news, and there is! There is no joy comparable to that of carrying and bringing your child into the world. I can only begin to imagine.

It’s no wonder that one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures is a combination of breast enhancement, abdomen refinement, and liposuction. These are the procedures that address the sagging and deflated breasts, the loose skin and bulge of the abdomen, and the fat that finds its way to unwanted places.

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The desire for the old is based on what was, not what is. Breasts were up, tummies were flat, and fat wasn’t an issue. The difference, after treatment, is nothing short of stunning. Plastic surgery done right is just that — the application of art and experience to reshape what is to what was.

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When is the right time for a mommy makeover? That answer depends on your situation. You may be so busy in your life that you simply don’t have the time for an intervention. You may not have the financial resources but all the desire in the world. You may not have found the right plastic surgeon. You may be concerned about the outcome of your journey. If any or all of these thoughts have crossed your mind, you’re in good company — many patients have had similar qualms.

Patients show up at my door when they are truly ready, and they leave little doubt about their commitment to transforming themselves. It’s as if they suddenly see the world in black and white and think to themselves, “I’m not getting any younger.”

If this story is familiar to you, and you are looking to turn back the clock of time, you need only contact Westlake Plastic Surgery and see if this is your time for a change.

Robert Caridi, MD
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