Mommy Makeover

Before And After Photos

This is a 39 year old mother of three who is 5’3″ and 150 pounds interested in a mommy makeover. She had a previous breast augmentation and was not happy with her result, and she wanted some body and abdominal contouring.

She is seen here after a breast revision (click here to see her breast result in my breast revision category) and liposuction of her trunk and extremities and a full abdominoplasty. I removed 3500cc of fat. She has done very well. She currently weighs 137 pounds and her shape is impressive. The combination of breast revision, liposuction and full abdominoplasty is essentially a full body makeover. She is very happy with her results. It has been easier for her to lose weight and keep it off because she has something nice to be proud of and she wants to keep it that way!