Liposuction Irregularities:

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The apparent popularity of energy based liposuction alternatives (Laser, Ultrasound and others) and the influx of unqualified practitioners offering liposuction has resulted in a large increase in the number of patients requesting the correction of liposuction irregularities.

Many patients were led to believe that they didn’t need anesthesia, that they would have a shorter recovery, and that they would experience less bruising and improved skin retraction through energy based liposuction alternatives, frequently marketed and performed by non- Plastic Surgeons.

But what happens when the end result didn’t quite work out that way?  What if the procedure was very painful, the entire experience was horrendous, and the results included significant irregularities that make you unhappy or even ashamed that you fell for the gimmick, and that you put your trust in a machine and not the doctor?

It’s a shame that so many people have fallen for these “too good to be true” liposuction alternatives when you consider that liposuction performed with a cannula works so beautifully in skilled hands. I consider liposuction one of the safest, most reliable procedures in all of plastic surgery. Even minor irregularities are rare and patient satisfaction is high.

Revision of previous liposuction irregularities is complex and imperfect. However, fat grafting, additional liposuction, skin removal and other procedures can improve the results quite significantly.

If you have liposuction irregularities, and you are interested in learning more about options from someone well known for liposuction expertise, give us a call and set up a consultation. It never hurts to learn your options from an expert.

Robert Caridi, MD

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