How To Look Like You Haven’t Had Work Done

How to Look Like You Haven't Had Work DonePeople generally think that the goal of plastic surgery is to eliminate flaws or cover up signs of age or pregnancy. This may be because we are inundated with over-the-top plastic surgery in the media. In reality, the best plastic surgery makes changes that look like you haven’t had plastic surgery. Is that even possible? You bet it is, and at Westlake Plastic Surgery, this is the norm. Let me tell you a little about how to look like you haven’t had work done.

There is a big difference between the “art of plastic surgery” and the simple “performance of plastic surgery.” Plastic surgery is not unlike any other profession or trade in the sense that practice makes perfect. In my own case, there’s no doubt that I have refined my techniques spanning my nearly three-decade long career so that I’m able to consistently and reliably produce results that simply look rejuvenated or enhanced, but without the stigmata of surgery.

For example, when performing a face and neck lift, it’s entirely possible to create a work of art that turns back time without any evidence of obvious plastic surgery. The same can be said for a breast lift and implant combination to produce beautiful, youthful breasts that look and feel as natural as they get.

And a good nose job should look like a normal nose: refine the tip, remove a hump and do both in such a way that the nose blends with the face beautifully and works as Mother Nature had intended. Best of all, few, if any, of your friends or family will guess you had something done, even though the difference in before and after pictures can be dramatic. People tend to notice something outside the normal range, but if you produce normal results, they won’t even remember what you used to have.

If you are considering plastic surgery, but you don’t want the results to look startlingly obvious or artificial, please consider Westlake Plastic Surgery. You can rest assured that Dr. Caridi’s vast experience and mature judgment will work wonders for you as it has for thousands of his past patients.

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