How Do I Select The Right Implant Size?

underwear-ladies-295The most important decision you will make for your breast augmentation is your choice of surgeon. The second most important decision to be made is the size of your implants. A great plastic surgeon will always prioritize your safety and desires. Implant size is the critical factor in achieving the look that works best for you now and well into the future.

There are many ways to determine the right size. Some surgeons use computer imaging while others simply ask their patients what size they want to be (A, B, C, D or jumbo). Internet sites will tell you to put frozen peas in a plastic bag and put them in your bra. Ultimately, whatever technique that gets you where you want to be is a good one. You never want to regret your decision based on impulse or poor advice.

At Westlake Plastic Surgery, we have a foolproof method that has worked quite well over the years. We stand around the mirror as you try on various implants. We talk. We learn about you and your goals, your fears, your expectations and what you don’t want. And I will share with you my vast experience gained by learning from thousands of prior patients.

And if that isn’t enough, we will do it all again on the day of your pre-operative appointment to make sure nothing has changed since your initial consultation. Believe it or not, after spending more than an hour with us, you will see things differently and your frame of mind may be different on your second visit.

My process takes the guesswork out of selecting the right implant size. What you see is what you get. If we do our job right, you will be very pleased with your choice and enjoy your breast enhancement well into the future. Consider Westlake Plastic Surgery for the best investment you will make!

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