How Do I Know If I Need A Breast Lift? What Is The Best Breast Lift Technique?

choice_295The laws of gravity work against your breasts so that eventually they will sag. The degree of sagging varies from patient to patient. A saggy breast doesn’t mean that it is an unattractive breast. As the breast sags, it harder to place it in your bra and it can change your appearance significantly when naked. Superior breast fullness diminishes and the nipple starts to point downward. All these changes are disappointing and lead many women to consider a breast lift or a breast augmentation or BOTH.

A small to moderate degree of ptosis can be corrected to some degree with a breast augmentation alone. More advanced ptosis generally requires a breast lift. Only the most experienced and perceptive surgeons can offer you the best advice on what you should consider. A breast lift alone without an implant is relatively uncommon in my practice because most patients see a real benefit in combining a breast lift with a breast implant. The scar for a breast augmentation is small and at the bottom of the breast. A breast lift scar is generally in the shape of a lollipop or an anchor depending on your anatomy and your surgeon’s preference/experience.

As a general rule, the appearance of a lifted breast with the scars is way better than a saggy breast without a scar. Men are not detailed oriented and only see the “big picture” which is a more attractive breast with a better shape and with the nipples pointing up and not down. The breast feels and looks more attractive. A Ferrari with a scratch is better than a beater car hands down.

If you tell your surgeon that you don’t want scars on your breasts it’s important to avoid two typical problems: First, you are forced to choose a really large implant that will “lift” your breasts more and second, you choose an incision just around the areola which is usually a POOR choice because it doesn’t work in most cases and the result can be disappointing to say the least.

You can see five surgeons and get four different opinions. One of them is spot on. Which one is it?

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