Why Gynecomastia Treatment Is A No-Brainer

why gynecomastia treatment is a no brainer

Patients with gynecomastia, also known as “man boobs,” worry a lot. What if something bad happens? What if I get complications like I see on the Internet? Certainly I can make this go away myself. Do I really need gynecomastia treatment? What if I have a problem with anesthesia? What about cost? I’m embarrassed about talking to anyone about my problem. What if it comes back? Can’t I take some pills that will make it go away? What if my result isn’t perfect? Who is going to care for me if I get treatment? What if I travel to my surgeon and have an issue when I’m home? What if I’m not happy with my results? What if I get a hematoma or a seroma? What about an indent at the nipple area? What if I lose my nipple?


Let me give you some heartfelt perspective from a busy gynecomastia authority who tells it like it is. If you have the risks on one side of a scale and the benefits on the other, the benefits would tip the scale off the table! Of course, as with all surgical procedures, there are potential downsides to treatment, but they don’t even compare to the benefits. There is no other procedure that I have performed in my 30-year career that even comes close to the positive risk/benefit profile of gynecomastia treatment.


The complication rate in the best of hands is under 5%. No one is going to die from treatment of gynecomastia. The cost at my Austin Gynecomastia Center is actually inexpensive, but nonetheless real to those who may not have the resources. Patients are extremely happy with their results that are immediate and last forever.

This is a time of liberation and a new life. You can wear any shirt you want. You can look in the mirror and smile every time. You don’t have to think about it every day. You can feel comfortable in intimate situations. You will no longer feel humiliated and embarrassed. You can swim anytime, anywhere. You can finally feel whole and happy. You don’t think this is a big deal? Then you probably don’t have gynecomastia.

This is my world of gynecomastia. This is my experience at my world renowned Austin Gynecomastia Center. This is where experience matters, where thousands of patients have benefited, where straight talk is the only talk, where complications are low and satisfaction is high. This is where you, the patient, always come first. It’s up to you to engage, because if you don’t, you will continue to live a life burdened with gynecomastia. You have the option of putting this to bed. Reach out to me with a Virtual Consultation and let me offer you some enlightenment. Thanks for your consideration.

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