Gynecomastia Treatment After Surgery Day 1

Many patients want to know what to expect after gynecomastia surgery in terms of recovery, pain and discomfort, and their ability to care for themselves. Here are two examples of gynecomastia treatment after surgery.

Gynecomastia Treatment After Surgery Day 1

As you can see from these pictures, there are two patients who had standard treatment at the AGC and are seen the next day afterwards. You can see that swelling and bruising is minimal and that these guys are walking around in minimal to no pain. Yes, they are sore, but it’s not going to stop them from doing most day to day activities.

The results are immediate as well. You will see the flattening of the chest area and how the areolas become smaller and flatter. As good as this is on day one, it only gets better with time.

If you don’t see much after your procedure early on, either you didn’t have much to treat or you really didn’t have it treated (in which case your doctor will typically advise you to give it a year or so for the swelling to subside). More than likely you will be back with the same complaints.

The majority of patients treated at the AGC are from out of town. That’s why I have developed a very successful treatment and recovery regimen that allows my patients to heal without complications and to have a speedy recovery so they can get back to their busy lives.

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