Improve Gynecomastia Surgery Recovery with a Focus on Posture

gynecomastia surgery recovery - focus on posture

The best way to jump start your gynecomastia surgery recovery is to focus on your posture.

The feedback I receive from patients following up after gynecomastia treatment varies widely. While most express excitement and gratitude at their new appearance, this is the first time they have seen themselves after treatment. For some the exhilaration is instant, for others there are long stares in the mirror trying to get a handle on the changes.

There are two aspects to gynecomastia surgery recovery. The first is the physical — the initial discomfort that lasts a day or two at most, followed by some more time as the skin begins to retract and the swelling begins to subside.

The second – and arguably more important aspect of recovery – is mental. As with many things, we don’t know much about the mental recovery from gynecomastia. I do my best to educate patients though, so I always send them home with a “playbook” of actions that they need to take on a daily basis until they are mentally healed. One of the most important actions is to assume the correct posture – it’s time to lose the “Gyno Hunch” that many men adopt to hide their gynecomastia before seeking treatment!

Importance of PostureWatch

What goes on in the mind is not something we can see, but we can identify poor posture immediately. It’s easy to look at yourself in the mirror and tell when you are not upright with your shoulders back, tall and strong. There isn’t always a mirror around though, so make sure your friends and family help you with this goal. If, like many patients, this hunch was adopted to hide your chest then resuming a strong posture will restore your confidence in yourself. You’ll become that guy who has nothing to hide from the rest of the world. No more humiliation, embarrassment or frustration. No more double shirts, big shirts or sweaters. You’ll be able to go to the pool or beach and finally feel comfortable and confident taking your shirt off!