Gynecomastia In India

gynecomastia in india

In my dozens of years as a surgeon, I’ve performed surgery for gynecomastia on patients from around the world, yet the medical community still cannot quantify the prevalence of gynecomastia. Yet for whatever reason, I have a huge following of patients suffering from gynecomastia in India. It may relate to the availability of my educational materials on the web to patients in India, while patients suffering in other countries with poor web access or strict Internet censorship may not be as fortunate. My YouTube videos on gynecomastia have proven particularly popular among viewers in India, who then often feel comfortable reaching out to me with their questions and concerns.

The majority of patients whom I treat at the Austin Gynecomastia Center are from overseas around the country and overseas. Many who suffer from the condition simply want their problem handled by an expert who truly understands the psychology of the condition and is sensitive and compassionate. I am all those things, and I’m also frank and honest. After all, this is not the time to confuse gynecomastia in the fog of smoke and mirrors.

My personal goal is to help all those who suffer from this unfortunate malady. Through raising awareness and educating prospective patients, I hope that treatment will become widely available and standard all over the world. Many cultures, even our own, are not as accepting of gynecomastia as a medical condition and most people don’t know how difficult daily life can be for those who suffer from it. These men are ashamed of what they have and are uncomfortable reaching out for help. We have come a long way with increasing awareness of gynecomastia over the past fifty years and I expect the future to be bright, with readily available treatment and a global sensitivity to this complex issue.

To all my friends with gynecomastia in India, I hope that I have offered you some help and peace of mind. I understand that many of you suffer alone and that you are seeking ways to take care of your gynecomastia without a procedure to remove the tissue. This is not possible. Diet, exercise and medications simply delay the day you can call yourself free from the burden of gynecomastia. To achieve this goal, you will need to find the right surgeon who is experienced, understanding and compassionate. It’s up to you to open this door and walk through it. Life is too short and living in the shadows of gynecomastia takes from all that is great in life.

“The good exercise compassion by making the case of others their own.”

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