Gynecomastia Facts – Clearing Up The Confusion

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Men who think they have gynecomastia are often confused. Do I have it or is it normal? How do I know if I have it? Will it go away by itself? What caused this? Am I just letting it get into my head? What are the real gynecomastia facts?

For many men who question whether or not they have gynecomastia, finding answers can add to the confusion. Internet research can sometimes provide nothing but conflicting advice and make matters worse. Everyone seems to have his own opinion with little of it based on fact. Worse yet, there are many scammers out there who prey on vulnerable guys, luring them with bogus claims of lotions, potions and pills to cure their symptoms.

The facts regarding gynecomastia are straight-forward:

  • The appearance of female-like breasts in men is a benign condition, yet it causes mental suffering in millions of men.
  • You don’t need to have a lump or gland for the diagnosis.
  • There is no test to confirm gynecomastia. You don’t need a hormone work up or any other extensive evaluation.
  • It typically develops at puberty and for some guys it doesn’t go away. Others can develop the condition from using certain medications and hormones or prohormones.
  • No matter the cause, treatment is a procedure to remove the tissue.

Take a look in the mirror and answer this one question: Does my chest look like the average male chest? Is my chest manly or is there the appearance of breasts?

As frustrating as gynecomastia can be to those who suffer from it mentally, the good news is that treatment to remove it works, freeing you from the burden once and for all. Treatment in expert hands is short and recovery is sweet. It does not come back after treatment.

Better yet, you can always submit a Virtual Consultation request from the privacy of your own home to the Austin Gynecomastia Center and I will respond with my professional medical advice. After all, I have treated thousands of patients and answer hundreds of gynecomastia-related emails every month.

Don’t make gynecomastia more complicated than it isn’t. Learn the real gynecomastia facts. Follow the advice of someone who knows and whom you can trust. Don’t let it eat away at your life any longer than it has to. Reach out to the Austin Gynecomastia Center today and put an end to your gynecomastia misery.

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