Gynecomastia and SS (Side Stuff)

After having performed literally hundreds of cases of gynecomastia and chest liposuction, I sometimes sit back and reflect on what I have seen and learned. Gynecomastia comes in many shapes and forms for sure, but there is one broad classification of patients that makes sense to me.


There are two big categories of patients: first, those who have fullness just in the chest area (up front), and those who have fullness of the chest AND fullness under the arms. Since I haven’t been able to come up with a technical term other than “subaxillary lipodystrophy”, I decided to call it simply SS or “side stuff”.

These are the patients that have a considerable amount of fatty tissue under the arms and along the side of their chest area. Often, I have to spend more time working under the arm and sides than on the front of the chest. The improvements in these cases are quite dramatic. It’s really upper chest sculpting and not simply treatment of chest gynecomastia. It’s treated with liposuction.

Maybe this is something that you are experiencing as well. For you to obtain the best masculine, proportional result, make sure that your doctor treats this area as well. If you can think of a better term than SS, I am all ears!

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