Facial Rejuvenation: A Little Or A Lot?

I offer surgical and non-surgical alternatives when it comes to facial rejuvenation. Surgical options include procedures that patients are most familiar with: face lift, neck lift, eye lift and a nose job are but a few options. Non-surgical alternatives include the various approaches to treat the skin (chemical peels and lasers), as well as the use of injections to weaken muscles that cause wrinkles (Botox), plumpers to add volume to hollow areas of the face, and fillers to smooth out wrinkles.

How do you know what you need? What alternatives are best to help you achieve your desired goals? Generally speaking, younger patients with fewer signs of aging do well with non-surgical alternatives, while older patients and those who are younger and have more advanced signs of aging benefit most from surgical alternatives. Oftentimes, a combination of both works best for the patient.

People would love to believe that non-surgical alternatives will achieve the same level of benefit compared to surgical options, but this is not the case. It is wishful thinking to believe that plumper’s and Botox will transform the aging face of a 54 year old woman who has sun damaged skin and whose face and neck have fallen with age. This is the time to consider the true benefits of a facelift and neck lift.

Patients have fears about surgery and anesthesia, realistic or not. If you want to drive business your way, all you have to do is tell patients that you will be able to achieve the beautiful results from surgical outcomes with non-surgical techniques! No surgery, no downtime, and no risk. Sounds wonderful indeed, but if you believe this you are not dealing with reality.

The true “art” of plastic surgery is the ability to rejuvenate without the signs of plastic surgery at all—the younger version of YOU, without the stigmata of poorly-performed surgery (windblown face lift appearance) or the inexpert use of non-surgical techniques (duck lips, frozen face from Botox, alien like facial appearance).

Find yourself a great plastic surgeon who educates, listen with an open mind to the various alternatives, and decide what is best for you based on your goals, the potential risks, your recovery time, your finances, and your lifestyle. You can always “test the water” with non-surgical treatments and graduate to more transforming alternatives when you are ready.