Facelift Recovery – What To Expect and How To Get The Best Results

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What can you expect for recovery after a facelift? On thing for sure, at Westlake Plastic Surgery, we always give flowers afterwards!

This is one of my facelift patients, who, in the comfort of her home, is recovering nicely just six days after surgery. This is a critical point in the recovery timeline because depression or frustration can start to set in. Not only does facelift recovery often take longer than anticipated, but it involves a sensitive part of your anatomy that provides little opportunity to hide from the rest of the world unless you hunker down in your home.

It’s not easy for people who have had facial plastic surgery to remain still with their heads elevated and no exertion! It’s not easy for women to look in the mirror and see swelling, bruising and other early changes associated with facelift recovery. It’s not easy to envision the possibility of a face after recovery.

For all these reasons and more, we strategically send flowers to our patients right around this time to help them overcome this mental obstacle. After 10 days or so, all the sutures are removed, and our patients are finally able to put on some makeup and go on about their business.

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Plastic surgery of the face requires even more hand holding than most plastic surgery procedures. It’s a sensitive area that requires a great deal of patience, which is in short supply in a society that values “immediate gratification.” On the bright side, facelift recovery is also a great time to kick back and relax, take in the world without your myriad devices, and listen to your thoughts uninterrupted by the digital society.

It’s the simplest things in life that can often make the biggest difference. Everybody loves flowers. A good surgeon will fix you up, but a great surgeon has gifted hands and a big heart. Compassion starts with understanding how my patients feel and doing what I can to make them feel their best.

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