Before And After Photos

This patient lost a lot of weight. She has thin skin and significant aging changes in her face. She is seen here after an upper and lower blepharoplasty and an AustinLift facelift alternative. Although there is a tremendous improvement, the result isn’t perfect because of her skin and weight loss history. This is the best outcome any reasonable surgeon can expect under the circumstances. She was told by her friends that they don’t see much of a difference. This is an illusion obviously as when you compare the before and after photos there is a big difference. Why is this? Because people forget what was and now see the “new” version without anything to compare! This is human nature at it’s best. I guess they would have to see the “overdone” and “artificial” results of bizarre plastic surgery for them to see a difference. The true art of plastic surgery is to make for impressive results that look natural and non-operated. This is EXACTLY what this patient enjoys.