Facial Liposuction

Before And After Photos

This is a 40 year old female who was interested in facial enhancements. She told me that her face is asymmetrical, her chin is small, and that there was excess fat on her face. Certainly, on initial appearance, she is a very attractive woman and any reasonable plastic surgeon can make an argument that she needs nothing. However, I know her well and understand how she thinks. On careful examination, I can clearly see that her face is asymmetrical–no one has a perfectly symmetrical face. In fact, it amazes me how surprised patients are when I point out their asymmetries. Every human face is different in terms of right and left sides. She has a small chin for sure, and this affects the balance of her face and is partially responsible for her blunted neck angle and the fullness beneath her chin.

She is seen here about one year from facial and neck liposuction as well as the placement of a medium sized POREX chin implant (placed through an incision in the chin crease). Careful examination of her photos reveal a very significant and natural improvement. She was looking for more of a “sculpted” mid to lower face and enhanced facial balance. This was provided with the liposuction and the chin implant. On frontal view you can see the improved overall contour, and on the lateral and quarter views you can see the improvement in the neck contour and the enhanced projection of her chin with improved facial harmony and balance.

Points to consider/learn from her case:

  1. Facial liposuction is risky business. The potential for irregularities is significant and should only be performed under ideal circumstances by an expert plastic surgeon.
  2. The use of a chin implant for those with weak chins is very powerful and beneficial. The potential for complications is higher than most facial procedures (movement of the implant, displacement and infection, among others). I have had great success with POREX implants which is made from polyethylene (suture material). It allows for tissue ingrowth because of its pore like structure. Properly placed, this implant performs exceptionally well.
  3. This patient is extremely happy but this is not always the case in patients who request facial liposuction. I have learned over the years that there is a higher proportion of patients who have BDD or Body Dysmorphic Disorder when facial liposuction is requested.
  4. It’s never a good idea for a woman to choose too large of a chin implant as this can make for a “manly” appearance to the jaw. It’s always better to choose the smaller to medium sized variety.
  5. I love the fact that these multiple procedures performed carefully and artfully make for such a beautiful and natural appearing result. I like when there are nice improvements without the telltale stigmata of surgery.