What Results Can I Expect From Gynecomastia Surgery?

Happiness = results – expectations. This simple formula says it all. If you have realistic expectations about the results of your surgery, and the results are simply better than you thought, it is likely you will be very happy with your investment. If however, your expectations are too high, and your result is not what you thought it would be, you are more likely to be somewhat disappointed. The same is true for your gynecomastia surgery expectations.

It is difficult to know how a patient will respond to their result when they may have had gynecomastia for such a long time they may not know what “normal” is, particularly as it applies to their own chest. There is an adjustment period after your surgery to the new you. The best way to prepare yourself for what you may see after surgery is to examine the many before and after photos on my website. This is reality at its best.

Please be aware that these are generally the “best” results obtained, and that there are others with outcomes that may not be as attractive. The moral of the story is that gynecomastia treatment is typically very effective and predictable, and the best way for you to prepare yourself for your own result is to make sure that you have realistic expectations and to choose a surgeon who offers impressive results.

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