Does Gynecomastia Treatment Remove The Pain?

head-crush_295Some men who have painful gynecomastia. It could be on one side or both, and is particularly troublesome when someone or something pushes up against your chest. You can imagine the pain associated with wearing a backpack: those straps across your chest rubbing against the glandular tissue can be quite painful.

In all cases, the source of the pain is glandular tissue. It becomes inflamed and irritated which leads to swelling and discomfort. This does not mean that your gynecomastia is dangerous—only that your tissue is more inflamed than others’.

By removing the glandular tissue you will remove the source of pain. All my patients who had experienced discomfort no longer complained after adequate surgical treatment. Liposuction alone does not remove the glandular tissue and therefore is unlikely to bring relief. It is possible that medical treatment with antiestrogens will help with the pain, but will only make the mass 20% smaller in the best of results.

Painful gynecomastia is not fun, but it is not something that you worry about more than someone who doesn’t experience pain. It’s not necessary to order more tests or subject yourself to radiology examinations. All you have to do is decide to get it treated, once and for all. Those whom I have treated for gynecomastia and pain enjoy a life without either. The Austin Gynecomastia Center is the leading source of education and treatment for this common condition.

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