Choosing The Best Breast Implant Size

Choosing the best breast implant
Not too big, not too small. I want it to be perfect!

How do I go about getting the breast implant size “perfect”? After you have done your homework and seen hundreds of before and after photos of breast augmentation results, how do you know what size is best for your body and personality?

At Westlake Plastic Surgery we play “dress up.” This means we try on various implant sizers in front of a full-length mirror and talk about what we see. Along the way, I get to know your personality and we come to an agreement on the best size for you. And then we do it all again on the visit before your actual procedure to make sure we got it right.

There is usually a fair amount of wiggle room between being too small and looking like a stripper. There are also mechanical and engineering parameters that must be taken into consideration—just as you can’t land a 747 on an aircraft carrier, you literally can’t fit extra-large breast implants on a small frame.

The mirror doesn’t lie. What you see is what you get. Playing “dress up” in my office has proven to be a very reliable technique for choosing the right size for breast augmentation. After all, I am the expert, and it’s my job to ensure that everything is perfect.

breast augmentation procedure at Westlake Plastic Surgery performed by Dr. Robert Caridi and his staffWatch