Chin Implants

Before And After Photos

This woman desired improvement in the neck area. I suggest a neck lift as well as a chin implant. When I am examining a patient for improvements in the neck area, I am always examining the chin area as well. If it is deficient, or “weak” relative to the rest of the face, the benefit of an implant and a neck lift at the same time is huge.

The key to any chin implant is to make sure it is the right size, and that the placement of the implant is secure. Much success was apparent after I started using the Porex implants that are more fixed in position because they are textured and adhere to the surrounding area unlike the smooth silicone type implants. This has reduced the complication of implants moving and rotating. It is a big advance in my opinion.  I really like to use chin implants and I have been very pleased with the success I have had working with the newer variety.