Can You Combine A Breast Augmentation With A Breast Reduction?

plusminus_295Yes, you can. Combining a breast augmentation with a breast reduction is a BAR procedure – Breast Augmentation and Reduction. The procedure is a more advanced version of a breast lift with implants. I’ve been developing this procedure for 15 years. Now, 500+ cases later the success and safety of the procedure has been demonstrated, and the power to transform the larger saggy breast is unmatched. This is not a breast lift with implant (mastopexy augmentation), this is an entirely different dual procedure that adds to the top of the breast (implant) and removes saggy tissue at the bottom (reduction).

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It should be noted that this is a procedure that really hasn’t been explored in the plastic surgery literature and is rarely discussed at our annual conferences. Surgery, as a profession, is conservative, and thus progress and innovation can be slow. But, I anticipate that in the next five years, this will become the next revolution in breast enhancement.

The concept is basic: fuller breasts will sag more quickly over time, causing a loss of superior fullness. This also changes your overall appearance—a less perky, more matronly appearance. This is particularly unflattering and troubling to younger patients who expect their breasts to be perky.

My website is full of information on this popular procedure, and I make myself available to everyone for evaluations and consultations. For patients who are not from my local town of Austin, I recommend that you consider a Online Consultation. From the privacy of your own home you can upload some standard pictures that I will evaluate and use to make a recommendation. This is your time to be part of the ultimate in breast enhancement.

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