Can Plastic Surgery Give You That “Boost” That You Need?

You bet it can. I had an encounter with a patient recently who underwent some liposuction and a small breast reduction, as well as an upper lid blepharoplasty. She had undergone an abdominoplasty some years back. She asked me if it was common for patients to feel “different” after plastic surgery. The patient no longer had an urge to drink alcohol, wanted no part of fast food, and had the will to make some significant positive life changes. She was in her late forties, kids were almost out of the house, and she felt she was getting stale, a bit boring. She thought a “nip and tuck” would help things along a bit.

I have seen these changes many times before in my career. Although plastic surgery is no “ticket” to happiness, it can be quite beneficial, if performed on people who use it in a constructive way. No, it won’t solve all your problems or reduce all the stress in your life, but it can be just what is needed to help you “switch gears,” or take that turn down the pathway to a healthier and happier lifestyle. It’s fun and professionally fulfilling to see this woman wearing a beautiful, fitted dress and telling me that she didn’t have this figure “when I was sixteen.”

Plastic surgery is hardly about what some people would think.  It’s not about being unable toaccept your age, or looking for the Holy Grail or Fountain of Youth. It’s not about surgically healing your body dysmorphia or becoming a plastic surgery junkie. It’s simply fulfilling your desire to look as young as you feel.  It’s nice to stand in front of the mirror and actually feel good about your reflection. Life is short and it can also be sweet. Sometimes plastic surgery can be that little added sweetener in your life!

Robert Caridi, MD

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