Breast Lift Scams Beware!

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When is a breast lift not a breast lift? This is an issue near and dear to me because of the tremendous volume of breast surgery, and breast lifting procedures that I perform in lovely Austin,TX. “I saw Dr. Lift in consultation and she told me that I needed a breast lift only around my areola. They called it a Crescent lift, or a Benelli lift or a periareolar lift”. “The only scar is around my areola so I prefer that one”.

There is only one problem, they generally don’t work to actually lift the breast, and if it did work in your case, you probably didn’t need the lift to begin with! Not to mention the fact that the lifting aspect of breast surgery is one of the most expensive components. Must make some patients darn right mad to know that they had a really simple procedure that was called a lift, that actually doesn’t lift, and they were charged lots of money.

In essence, you’re being scammed. The best way to look at it is that your surgeon really is not experienced with lifting procedures and wants to keep it simple. The worst situation occurs when the surgeon wants your business, knows that you would prefer breast surgery without scars, so why not offer this simple procedure to lift your breasts with minimal scarring? Quite frankly, it drives me crazy that your surgeon would represent themselves in that manner and that you actually believe it to be true. But then again, how would you know? You’re not a surgeon.

To lift or not to lift, that is the question! It takes an experienced plastic surgeon to know if you need a lift or not, and it takes open honest conversation about scarring, results and satisfaction. Often, a breast implant is involved as well and this complicates things a bit. A breast implant can provide a certain degree of “lift” in and of itself.

I suggest that it’s not that difficult to determine who needs a lift or not. I also suggest that most lifts require at least a vertical approach with a final lollipop scar. I will also tell you that if you need a lift, the benefit of the lift and the appearance of the scar is so favorable that the scar is essentially a non-issue. Trying to lift the breast with a scar around the areola makes for a flat breast, a wide areola and an unattractive scar.

My recommendation is to consult with several experienced surgeons, keep an open mind, and worry less about the scars and more about the final shape and durability of your result. A breast lift is a wonderful procedure if you need it and a proper lift is performed. Choose your surgeon wisely. After some research and inquiries from friends and family, it should become readily apparent who are the best surgeons in your area.

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