Breast Lift Before And After: Westlake Plastic Surgery, Austin, Texas

breast-exam_295Young breasts are often perky, high and tight. Age, pregnancy, weight changes, illness, hormonal changes and gravity all work on the breast so that it eventually sags and loses superior fullness. This is what we refer to the appearance of the mature breast.

A breast lift refers to all techniques to counter these changes. The goal is to create the youthful appearance of the female breast. Surgeons have focused on the skin, the underlying tissue and the use of a breast implant to obtain the best result. A breast lift alone without an implant WILL NOT add superior breast fullness (no matter what you have read or believe). A breast lift with implant is usually referred to as an “augmentation-mastopexy”.

What scares women the most about a breast lift is the scars on the breast. They are usually shaped like a lollipop or an anchor. Sometimes the scar is round about the areola only. The most common scar shape should be the lollipop shaped scar in most cases as the round scar about the areola doesn’t work well and the anchor scar is often simply not needed.

The best technique to be used for your personal breast anatomy and shape is best determined by a very experienced plastic surgeon who has familiarity with all breast techniques. During your consultation, you and your surgeon will discuss your goals, your fears and your expectations. Although breast lifting with or without implants is usually a very rewarding undertaking, it is also associated with the most law suits because results can vary considerably from surgeon to surgeon.

At Westlake Plastic Surgery, Dr Caridi has vast experience in all breast procedures, is a pioneer in breast surgery with his BAR procedure – Breast Augmentation and Reduction and has a huge before and after collection of breast cases for you to learn from. If you are considering any type of breast enhancement, you would be wise to consider the advice of a master breast surgeon so that you achieve your goals and minimize the possibility for an unfavorable result.

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