Breast Augmentation

Before And After Photos

This is a 36 year old woman, 5’8″ and 154 pounds who was interested in a breast enhancement. I told her that she had nice breasts and didn’t need anything. She insisted that they were saggy and lacked superior fullness. I told her that if she wanted them “lifted” we would have to think creatively. She had some fat on the lower part of her breasts that if suctioned at the time of a breast augmentation, we would get the most “lifted appearance”. The saggy part would be reduced and the high profile 400 cc saline implants placed beneath the muscle should make for a really nice difference.

And here we are. Not bad overall. Certainly larger, fuller at the top and very little by the way of “sagging”. In fact, look at her lateral pictures (side view) where her breasts seem to sit higher on her chest wall. All this with a relatively simple breast augmentation. I simply didn’t just add a big implant to make her breasts larger and saggier. They are actually much larger and seem to defy gravity! She wears an excellent bra and I know that this helps tremendously.

I also did some body liposuction on her as well. She has posed for Playboy!

If you have saggy breasts and your goal is to reduce the sag by placing a much larger implant than you need, it’s entirely possible that you need a breast lift and an implant. This case is unique because she had excellent quality breast tissue and skin, and these features or attributes allowed me to work with her in a non-traditional way compared to most 36 year olds. Experience and judgment matters when it comes to selecting your surgeon.