Breast Augmentation

Before And After Photos

This is a 32 year old female who lost 100 pounds and complained of small breasts and loose skin. She is seen here after a bilateral breast augmentation with 450cc high profile silicone implants placed through an incision at the bottom of the breast. Her right implant didn’t drop as we had expected and required a second minor procedure to drop it down. This was successful and she is quite pleased with her breasts.

Learning points:

  1. I have seen many patients over the past several years that have lost a lot of weight with diet and exercise alone-this is a good thing.
  2. After massive weight loss, the skin gets loose and can hang. Breasts typically get smaller and sag.
  3. She didn’t need a lift because of her relatively small breasts that didn’t sag. However, here skin was lax for sure and I had concerns about the ability of her tissues to support an implant of the size that we chose. You can see that the shape is good now, but it will be important for her to support her implants 24/7 so they don’t head south. The elasticity of her skin is not as good after this extreme weight loss.
  4. For many of my weight loss patients, the focus is typically on their arms and breasts, then abdomen and thighs.