Breast Augmentation

Before And After Photos

This woman wants her breasts lifted and more symmetrical. Her breasts and chest wall are uneven. We discussed the benefits of a breast augmentation alone as well as a breast lift (Mastopexy). She would prefer not to have scars on her breasts if possible. One alternative that I recommended is the use of a high profile implant to provide for more lift and to help narrow her wide breasts

I performed a bilateral breast augmentation with silicone implants on top of the muscle (325cc on right and 350cc on the left) with the removal of 23 grams of breast tissue on the left (on the bottom and lateral side of her breast).

Notice how her breasts seem even in size and shape with an increase in superior fullness. This plan was a compromise of sorts, she can always elect to have a formal breast lift, but we are both very pleased with her improvement without a Mastopexy.