Breast Augmentation

Before And After Photos

This mother of one child who was not pleased with the appearance of her breasts after childbirth. She was distraught that they are not as “perky” or full.

We performed a bilateral breast augmentation with 350cc saline implants (placed beneath the muscle) through a small incision in the crease beneath the breast. After the procedure, she said, “My breast enhancement has increased my self-esteem tremendously and I love to see my figure in the mirror.” She admits, however, that she wonders if she should have chosen a bit larger implant. We feel her new breast size fits her frame perfectly and that larger implants could make her appear matronly, heavier and less perky. In our practice we do experience women who are so thrilled and happy with their new breasts – that they mistakenly think a larger size would make the even happier. In truth, this is not typically the case. A larger size often leads to greater dissatisfaction. (i.e. bigger is not always better!)