Breast Augmentation

Before And After Photos

This is a very thin female patient who was interested in a breast augmentation. She has a history of a connective tissue disorder and wants saline implants because of the media hype regarding silicone implants (even though silicone has not been proven to cause connective tissue disorders). Because of her very thin tissue I told her she would likely develop some rippling of her implants and would feel them more easily. She was augmented with 300cc on the left and 275cc on the right (because of a slight rotation in her chest wall). She does have some mild rippling about the circumference of her implants, but it is quite acceptable and she is very pleased with her results. In her case, gaining weight would actually improve the feel of her breasts because she would also gain fat in her breasts (the fat would cover her implants even more). I encouraged her to wear a very supportive bra (long term) to transfer the weight of her implants off her tissue and on to the bra.