Breast Augmentation

Before And After Photos

This is a 35 year old woman who is 5’4″ and 112 pounds. She runs and works out a lot. She is seen here after a bilateral breast augmentation with 225cc moderate profile silicone implants placed beneath the muscle from an incision in the breast crease.

Some points of interest:

  1. I like the size selection in her case. A tiny woman does not need large implants. These fill her out well, don’t interfere with her activities, and suit her just fine.
  2. She had a lot of chest wall and rib asymmetries before her surgery that did not result in her breasts looking very different.
  3. An interesting observation on her side view is the large amount of superior breast fullness evident. It is not “tear drop” in shape. She could have easily massaged her implants lower to expand the breast bottom and reduce the fullness at top, but when you leave it up to most woman, they seem to enjoy this shape.