Botox Is Like Heroin

Botox - Nonsurgical Alternatives - Westlake Plastic Surgery - Austin, TX

Not exactly. It’s like heroin in that’s it is addictive—not medically speaking, but certainly from a psychological standpoint. It’s easy to become addicted to the benefits of Botox. Botox is safe, reliable and very predictable when provided by medical practitioners who know what they are doing.

Botox is simply not a big deal. It is not a “poison” in the dosages that are used for treatment of wrinkles. It will not make you look “expressionless”. There is NOTHING that achieves what Botox accomplishes on the market today.  Although it doesn’t last forever (we all wish it would), there aren’t any alternatives. So you need to love it or leave it! Love it for what it does for the aging face or convince yourself that it’s not for you. Keep up with your Botox and you will always look ten years younger than your non-Botox using friends.

Because it’s possible to obtain Botox from almost anywhere and anybody, it’s important that you get it from a reliable source. Always buy Botox by the unit, this way you know how much you are getting and what you are paying for it. Those who price it by the “area” can inject whatever amount they want, but not necessarily what you need (it’s called profit motive). A typical treatment for crow’s feet and frown lines requires 30 to 50 units. In my office, this would be priced at 10 dollars a unit. Keep in mind that everyone’s needs are different and that the range for units varies depending on those needs.

At Westlake Plastic Surgery, our Botox is priced very fairly, by the unit, and is provided to you by our own Diane Keeler-Boysen, MD. Not only is Dr. Boysen my trusted Anesthesiologist, partner and good friend, she has been providing reliable, artistic Botox for over ten years. What you see is what you get. We like that, and so do our patients.

Robert Caridi, MD