Liposuction For Men

Before And After Photos

This is an interesting case of gynecomastia and weight loss. I saw this young man who had a previous abdominoplasty for his significant weight loss. He presented to the AGC complaining of his chest area. He had fullness of each chest and lax skin in Zone 2 (under his arms).

I felt that although his skin was lax for his age, there was an opportunity to perform a thorough contouring of his chest (All Zones) and that he would obtain a good result. The other option was to simply REMOVE the excess skin of his chest and underarm area with scars that run from his mid chest to his upper back.

You can see from his pictures after gynecomastia surgery that he enjoys a PHENOMENAL result with the treatment provided. NO scars across this young man’s chest. This is a home run—out of the park result. He is so pleased and I am equally elated with the result and the decision to go with my instincts in his case. I saved him scars that would be game changers in many ways. I will put those scars on my patients that I certainly know need them, but to avoid them is always better if I get results like his case. Look carefully at the boomerang shape of the edge of his pectoral muscles and the flattening of the skin roll in the underarm/lateral chest area. Look at the improved appearance of his nipple areola complexes and the flattening of the formally rounded chest area.

You should always understand that the removal of the skin is a judgment call and should only be trusted to a surgeon with vast experience in such matters. You would be surprised how well the skin can do with the right procedure using the best techniques.