Arm Lift (Brachioplasty)

Before And After Photos

This woman presented to me for an arm lift procedure (brachioplasty). She was in the middle of weight loss. We discussed options at great length. She had very large arms and a lot of fat.

We decided to stage her procedure—first perform an initial liposuction then come back after several months for skin removal. Her second sequence of photos shows her after the removal of 2200 cc of fat with liposuction. Her third sequence of photos shows her after skin removal.

There are many things you can learn in this case. Although many people would love to have only one procedure rather than two, sometimes if you stage a procedure your final result will be better. In her case, my thinking was that she needed a very large liposuction of her arms (I often remove 2200cc on entire abdomens and flanks) and this is just her arms! The skin will shrink after liposuction and then it’s possible that the actual scar will be considerably shorter than if skin was removed at the time of her initial liposuction.

If the patient continues to lose weight after the initial liposuction, this will allow me to remove even more skin and to shape up her arms to match her new weight at a second procedure.

There may be less risk of complications and scarring in a staged procedure. The jury is not out with this concept as it applies to brachioplasty so the experience of your surgeon is very helpful here. Dr Google really won’t be helpful in this situation for sure.

Her result is phenomenal. Her scar placement is optimal and her scars have healed quite nicely. The patient plans on losing more weight and then consider abdominal work and eventually her breasts. These procedures are very commonly performed on patients who have lost a lot of weight. I’m so proud of her progress, her commitment to weight loss and the celebration of her new body (even though her work is in progress).