Bedroom Intimacy – Get Out Of The Dark And Into the Light

Motherhood Makeover - Cosmetic Plastic Surgery - Robert Caridi, MD - Austin, TX

I remember hearing it for the first time and thinking how unusual it was. Then over time I heard it again and again—women telling me that they never have intimate relations unless the lights are off!

How unfair this must be. How sad it is that someone is so uncomfortable in their own skin that they prefer the security of darkness. So let’s talk about bedroom intimacy – get out of the dark and into the light!

The most common thread amongst these patients is the change that occurred after their pregnancies—breasts that have fallen from where they were, abdomens that have become wrecked, and fatty deposits that have appeared out of nowhere.

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It is not because a woman has neglected herself and has fallen into disrepair; it’s a natural consequence of carrying a seven pound present for nine months!

A “mommy makeover” is an attempt to address the damage that has been inflicted by pregnancy. A breast enhancement offers “bling” for sad breasts, a tummy tuck can rebuild an abdomen worn by childbirth and liposuction can treat those unwanted fatty deposits.

If you want to step back into the light and enjoy intimacy on your terms, consider a “mommy makeover”.

Robert Caridi, MD

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