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Thigh Lift Austin

Dr. Caridi's Take
The Procedure
  • Overview

    A thigh lift is a procedure to remove excess skin and fat from the inner or outer thighs. It is a common consideration in patients who have lost significant weight. It only contours the skin in the uppermost region of the medial legs and will not improve the area down the leg near the knees.

  • Dr. Caridi's Take

    This is a really nice procedure in a carefully selected patient. Unfortunately, most patients expectations exceed what can be delivered by the procedure. Patients “want it gone” but the procedure only makes it better. When I see patients in the office they put their hands on the mid part of their thighs and pull upwards. This makes the skin look really nice and youthful. This is not what you get from a thigh lift. If this were the case, I would be doing this procedure all day. Even though there is a significant improvement, I rarely see patients really thrilled about the results from a thigh lift. Combining this with an abdominoplasty may not be the best idea as the two different procedures pull in two opposing directions potentially adding to post operative complications and wound healing problems.

  • The Procedure

    Anesthesia Options

    General or local with sedation.

    Risks and benefits

    The risks of the procedure typically involve wound healing issues like wound drainage and delayed healing. There is the distinct possibility of a wound infection because of the location of the incision in a warm, moist area. The benefits are a significant reduction in the fullness in the upper part of your legs, less rubbing of the skin and less skin excess. The contour of your leg is improved after this procedure.

  • Recovery

    There will be some pain and tightness associated with this procedure in your upper things. Swelling will last for several weeks. The incision takes a few weeks to heal completely. Compression garments are recommended for several weeks. The incision needs to be kept clean and dry to minimize the potential for would healing problems. Any leg movements that place tension on the wound will be associated with pain and should be minimized. I recommend that you have four or five days to relax after the procedure. Exercise can start about three weeks after surgery. It takes about a year and a half for the scar to look its best.