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Skin Lesion Removal

Dr. Caridi's Take
The Procedure
  • Overview

    We call these things by many names—bumps, spots, freckles, moles, patches, pimples and more. Most lesions on the human body are not cancerous. Most of the lesions that we develop over time are related to sun exposure and the aging process.

    Treatment of skin lesions is pretty straight forward—get rid of the lesion and leave no scarring if possible. Please read my article on “moles and lesions” to learn more.

  • Dr. Caridi's Take

    I see many patients regarding moles and lesions. They are patients who want to be in the best of hands so that they don’t regret getting more than they bargained for. Dermatologists are probably pretty good for the simple stuff in areas not in public view, but if you are seeking the best result I would suggest a plastic surgeon. It’s important to note that we don’t take insurance in my office. Having said that, we also don’t charge much for these simple treatments.

  • The Procedure

    Most lesions are dealt with by using simple methods such as scraping or cauterizing them. Some larger, more complex lesions may require excision and suture closure.

  • Recovery

    Patients recover fast from simple stuff. A crust for a day or two in the treatment area is usually all that you have to deal with.