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Lip Enhancement

Dr. Caridi's Take
  • Overview

    A lip augmentation is a procedure that uses synthetic or biological products, or surgical restructuring to provide fuller more shapely lips. The easiest and most common lip enhancer is the use of the newer fillers on the market like Perlane and Restylane and many others. Fat can be taken from your body and injected into your lips. There are lip implants made from various materials that can be inserted as well (silicone, Gortex and others). Your owndermis can be inserted into your lips. There are surgical procedures that can rearrange the tissue about your lips that provides for some fullness.

  • Dr. Caridi's Take

    I was not a big fan of lip augmentation because the various implants that were recommended didn’t give me confidence. Now with the Permalip implants (soft, silicone implants) I have been getting impressive outcomes with happy patients and few, if any complications. It’s a permanent fix to the problem of shrinking lips as we get older. Nothing beats a beautiful pair of full lips. “Duck” or “sausage” lips are created only by those who go overboard. If you want to see what your lips will look like fuller before you consider an implant simply use the off the shelf injectable products.

  • Procedure

    Anesthesia Options:

    Local anesthesia, or local with IV sedation.

    Risks and Benefits:

    We recommend that all of our patients start prophylactic antiviral medication 3 days before the procedure to reduce the chance of developing a cold sore or fever blister. You will be bruised and swollen for several days to a week. Soreness, bruising, stiffness, burning, numbness, and prickling sensation are all possible for a few days to weeks after this procedure.

    Fat injections cause significant swelling that prolongs the recover time. Fat loss will occur over time and can completely disappear. Filler work well but they last only for months up to a year. Dermal grafts work well but they too tend to dissolve over time. Implants are permanent but they can also feel abnormally firm in some cases, become infected, and appear unnatural. Tissue rearrangement provides only a limited amount of improvement and usually is not recommended without the use of a filler as well.

    The benefits are fuller more attractive lips.

  • Recovery

    Recovery varies based on the technique used. You may need an oral pain medication for a few days, but after that Tylenol is usually sufficient. You may need to continue your antiviral medication for another 5-7 days. Your lips may be purplish or blanched (white or pale) during the recovery period. We also recommend a soft diet and avoiding large facial/lip movements for a few days also.