Gynecomastia Surgery

Before And After Photos

Gyno surgery before and after showing standard Zone 1 treatment (most common form of gynecomastia). Note the improved definition of the chest pectoral muscles and smaller areolas.

This is a classic Zone 1 gynecomastia with puffy nipples after standard treatment. For the uninitiated the frontal view isn’t impressive but it’s real. The side view is the golden view in terms of the reduction in puffy nipples and flattening of the frontal chest area with increased definition of the pectoral muscles.

Zone 1 is the anterior chest area, a horizontal ellipse area surrounding nipple areola complex. This Zone includes Zone 0, the nipple areola complex, and is the most commonly affected area in gynecomastia which creates a female-breast-like appearance. It obscures or rounds off the lower pectoral muscle area and treatment is centered around making this area more masculine by making it flat and linear.