Gynecomastia Surgery

Before And After Photos

This is a 25 year old male, 6′ and 238 pounds who presented with gynecomastia after the use of  “Andro” for its muscle bulking affect. After using the substance for about eight months, he developed fullness and firmness in his breasts. It did not go away after he stopped using the prohormone. He is seen here after his gynecomastia surgery. I removed about 350cc of fat from each breast and about 25 grams of breast tissue. The fat was contoured with the use of liposuction, and the actual breast tissue was removed through a small incision around his areola.

Note the significant improvement in the appearance of his chest. No longer is it “rounded” like a female breast. It is much more angular and sculpted. He has lost about 12 pounds since his surgery and has been working out on a regular basis. It affected him as a 10 out of 10 before his surgery and now says it affects him as a 2 out of 10. He admits that he does not appear to have gynecomastia but it isn’t easy to forget what he had been living with for many years. There are habits that men develop when they have gynecomastia and they can be hard habits to break even if the gynecomastia is removed and the appearance of the chest is normal.

It is interesting to me that it can be difficult to determine what percent of the gynecomastia is gland and what percent is fat or fibro fatty tissue on my examination. Fat is removed with some sort of liposuction while gland is removed with surgical removal. Most patients need BOTH procedures in order to obtain the best, most masculine result.

The arrow on the bottom photograph is a magnified view of the scar around the areola that typically heals beautifully. As fine and unnoticeable as his scar is in these photographs are, he is only six months out from his procedure and it takes about two years for a scar to look best.