Gynecomastia Surgery

Before And After Photos

Before and after skin excisional gynecomastia surgery with a more youthful / masculine chest with no skin excess and fine scars.

This is a 29 year old man who has lost a lot of weight which resulted in loose skin of his chest and trunk. As you can see on his pre-operative photos, the skin on his chest is hanging, and on examination it is quite lax. In his case (unlike most), I told him that he would need to have his skin excised on his chest or else it would not be acceptable. We would do his work all at the same time rather than removing the tissue and maybe excising skin if it didn’t contract back the way we would prefer it to.

He is seen here about a year later. His scars are healing well and his contour is pretty darn good. There is no lax contour, and the chest looks sculpted and manly. He is pleased with the outcome.

The moral of his story is that some gynecomastia patients have such poor skin quality that they need to have the skin tightened at the same time the tissue is removed. In the vast majority of cases this isn’t necessary as the skin actually retracts back quite well. For those who are concerned about the scarring after skin removal, take a look at his case and decide for yourself if this is a scar the is acceptable.