Gynecomastia Surgery

Before And After Photos

This is a 35 year old six foot male who is 215 pounds and presented to me for treatment for gynecomastia with surgery. He was a professional athlete who took steroids and developed fullness in his chest area.

He is seen here after gynecomastia treatment with liposuction and tissue removal from a small incision around his areolas. I removed about 1000cc of fat from his chest and underarms and reduced about 10 grams of tissue beneath his nipple-areola complexes. He is seen here about 8 months from his procedure. He has lost about 20 pounds and has been working out three times a week.

What we can learn:

  1. Steroids can cause gynecomastia.
  2. Most of the fullness in his chest was fatty tissue and not gland. This varies considerably from patient to patient.
  3. His scars are almost imperceptible at eight months. Scarring is NOT an issue when using an incision about the areola.
  4. Reducing the burden of gynecomastia has provided him with the incentive to lose weight and get in shape – BIG TIME in his case!
  5. I couldn’t have achieved this impressive result without his help. We work together to achieve the best outcomes from my procedures.