Gynecomastia Surgery

Before And After Photos

This is a 37 year old male who is 6’2″ and 250 pounds who was interested in dealing with fullness in his chest. On examination he has excess fat all around as he is overweight. He certainly has fullness in his upper chest, under his arms, and fullness of his breast area as well. This most likely represents pseudogynecomastia or fullness in his chest that is mostly fatty in nature (not as much glandular tissue as it is simply an area where the fat went to). It is seen in overweight men.

Weight loss alone would make a big difference, but in his case I don’t believe it would make a significant enough difference to the point he would not be self-conscious about the appearance of his chest when wearing shirts or when he is bare chested. In his case I recommended that we treat his breast fullness with liposuction primarily and then remove residual breast tissue (if any) as it appears after liposuction.

He is seen six months after his gynecomastia surgery procedure. He has lost 10 pounds (I want him to lose a lot more). He seems satisfied in general, although he still thinks his left side is still a bit full. I told him that his results are very impressive, and that it takes about a year and a half for all the swelling to subside. One observation for the reader of this patient story is that his result is much more impressive in real time than the photographs are able to illustrate. I removed 1200cc of fat from his breast and underarm area (this is a lot of fat).  He has less fullness under his arms, his breasts are flatter and less prominent and certainly less “female breast like” than before (mission accomplished from a surgical perspective). He is interested in liposuction of his abdomen and love handles now. I told him to lose twenty pounds and he can come back and we can talk about it. Generally speaking, the treatment of gynecomastia caused by weight gain is weight loss.