Gynecomastia Surgery

Before And After Photos

This patient, 5’9″ and 170 pounds was evaluated for lipodystrophy. He has struggled with his weight as of late. On examination he certainly had excess fat of his abdomen and love handle areas. I also noted that he had fullness of his chest and he acted surprised that I mentioned that area. He says that has always bothered him and that it affects him negatively.

He is overweight for sure. I told him it would be best for him to lose weight and then come back for another evaluation. He says that no matter what his weight, he always has fullness in the breast area.

He is seen here after a liposuction of the abdomen, flank and breast area. I removed 5300cc of fat in total. He is seen here four months after his procedure and he has gained about 4 pounds. Every 1000cc of fat translates into about 1 pound of weight loss so I alone helped his weight go down by 5.3 pounds.

I offered to perform his gynecomastia surgery procedure without first losing weight because I felt that it would give him the “boost” that is needed to be successful. I also felt that it would benefit him psychologically if the fullness in his breasts was treated. I was able to treat his gynecomastia with liposuction alone because he had “pseudogynecomastia“, this refers to fullness in the chest area that is predominantly fatty and is usually related to being overweight. In most cases of gynecomastia, tissue removal or even a mastectomy is needed to obtain the best result (actual breast tissue cannot be suctioned.)

I am not pleased that he seems to be gaining weight. It will compromise his results significantly and negatively impact his health in the longer run. I made it clear to him that he needs to get his act together and weigh himself every day and find the right balance of food intake and exercise to help lose weight.